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Small is beautiful

Find out more about human scale education and the 'schools within schools' initiative

Learning 2020: How fit for the future is your curriculum?

Why innovation works... or fails? Review and modernise your curriculum through a proven approach so that learning is more more powerful, creative and relevant. Workshops for schools and international ministries of education.







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Gareth Mills is an influential thinker engaged in curriculum innovation and learning design. He is adept at turning ideas in action and has a successful track record of leading improvements at national, local and school level.

As Head of futures, innovation and e-learning at the QCA, and later as Head of curriculum development, Gareth has led major developments in the curriculum in England so that it better prepares young people for life and work in the 21st century.

Through his connection with Futurelab, UK's premier education innovation and ideas incubator, he is involved with new developments in technology and learning.

He has a successful record in school improvement, working with local authorities and schools to bring about benefits to learners, teachers and their communities.

As a writer and education advisor he has worked with media companies and has produced teaching materials for C4 learning and the BBC.  His writing has been published in the TES, Guardian and numerous magazines.





Gareth's client portfolio includes work with national agencies, local authorities, schools, industry and media companies. Whether working strategically or on the ground he is committed to making a difference through learning. Services include...

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Portfolio and projects