making a difference through learning

Consultancy and change management


With extensive experience developing and implementing national education initiatives, Gareth has a successful record of turning ideas into action and making a difference. He will bring creativity coupled with practical know-how to make your project a success.


Please feel free to call to discuss your particular needs.



Innovation networks

Curriculum innovation through a disciplined three-step method is a proven way of initiating and sustaining improvement. If you are a school, a consortiuum of schools or an LA interested in promoting creative, yet disciplined innovation please get in touch.

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Writing and journalism

Communicating effectively on the web and in print is an important way of promoting ideas and effective practice.

Gareth has produced national guidance material, teaching resources, articles and opinion pieces for the media and educational press.


           Materials include...

Industry links and product development


Educational change can be stimulated through policy, practice and by the development of innovative products and services.

As a board member of the education ideas incubator Futurelab,  Gareth is commited to promoting productive links between education and industry.

If you are a company interested in developing products and services for the education marketplace please get in touch.



Not for profit and start up 

Gareth supports a number of not-for-profit projects and interesting start ups. Please write to explore possibilities.



Workshops and events

"Feedback was excellent and your input was described as 'stimulating', 'inspirartional' and 'thought provoking'.

           Wakefield Leadership Event


Gareth Mills is a very effective  communicator with extensive experience of providing keynotes and facilitating workshops.

Recent themes include...

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Portfolio and projects